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Why this is important to you…

Encouraging people to learn and develop is undoubtedly beneficial to both you and your staff team, but sometimes it can be very difficult to motivate staff to attend or engage with learning opportunities. At GWA we have discovered that including the opportunity to gain qualification alongside a training programme not only encourages people to attend and engage with the training but also deepens the learning experience.

Programmes without the qualification route can be very beneficial and, on the day of training, are usually well regarded and considered as useful and enjoyable by the attendees – but the longer term legacy and impact of that training experience diminished quickly and is often lost after a few weeks. Encouraging learners to undertake additional work based assignments in their workplace helps to embed the learning and provides opportunity for people to try out new ideas and skills, thereby increasing the whole development experience and ensuring that those skills and ideas are brought back to your workplace to benefit your business.  We also believe that when people invest time and energy in learning something they should personally gain in some way and achieving a professionally recognised qualification is one way of recognising people demonstrating that we value them and are willing to invest in them.

How we can help…

GWA is an approved centre for the Institute of Leadership and Management which means that we able to add value to our development programmes by including accreditation for your learners.

In designing programmes for you we can build in accreditation routes which will enable your staff to accomplish internationally recognised qualification for their learning – so as well as contributing their improved skills to your business they will also be gaining recognition for their achievements. We offer the complete range of Leadership and Management qualifications to suit all levels of your organisation: from level 2 which is appropriate for your team leaders and supervisors right the way through to level 7 or your strategic leaders, which is equivalent to a post graduate qualification. ILM’s philosophy is that all learning should be applied to the workplace and so whilst there is an element of academic rigour to these qualifications the focus is always on the practical side of learning and how your learners deliver new skills and understanding to their roles in your organisation.

As an ILM Centre GWA will manage all of the administration, delivery and assessment of the ILM qualification from learner registration to certification. We will manage the assessment process and provide all the necessary quality assurance for the programme.

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