Leadership and management

Enhancing the leadership skills of your people

Why this is important to you…

The way in which an organisation is led and managed is critical to the success of that business, yet we frequently hear complaints in the news that our leaders and managers are failing us and there are consistent calls for us to increase the calibre of leadership and management across our organisations.

leadership is too important to be left only to those at the top of organisations. Leaders are needed at all levels and in all situations. Interestingly, the Japanese language has no word for ‘leadership’, the leader being thought of as inseparable from the group. In fact, anyone who wants to get something done with or through other people can and should learn the lessons of leadership. We are all leaders at one time or another.” 
Charles Handy

Clearly leadership is not limited just to those ‘at the top’ but can be seen as the role and responsibility of everyone.

The importance of this to your business and the scope of it across all members of your team means that building the leadership and management skills and abilities of your whole workforce should be a priority to you and your organisation.

How we can help…

At GWA we offer substantial development opportunities in all aspects of leadership and management and for everyone across the business, including those who are customer/client facing, those who are supervising and leading teams, those who are managing projects and those who are deciding vision and strategy. We have experience of developing people at every level and strata of the organisation.

Working in partnership with you and your teams we can devise bespoke development opportunities and programmes to match the specific needs of your business and your people.

As an ILM accredited centre we are also able to offer accreditation options with all our leadership and management programmes.

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Leadership and management

Enhancing the leadership skills of your people

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